Pennsylvania Needs a Responsible Budget

Join your friends and neighbors in Harrisburg to stand up for your family.

Have you ever wanted to walk into your state legislator’s office and tell him what YOU want? Did you ever imagine standing in a crowd with thousands of fellow citizens who agree with you? This is your chance. Pennsylvania labor unions and community organizations will sponsor a demonstration and rally in Harrisburg on Tuesday, May 3 to demand a responsible state budget. Everyone is welcome. You do not have to be a union member, or member of any other organization to attend. Grab a friend and join us!

What’s happening in Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana, Tennessee, Maine, Michigan, New Hampshire, Arizona, and other states is not an accident. It is not a coincidence. It has absolutely nothing to do with budgets, or deficits, or overpaid teachers and firefighters, or immigrants, or entitlements. It has everything to do with the Republican National Committee’s organized attack on the middle class. Pennsylvania governor Tom Corbett has fallen right in line with the plan. He is personally attacking you and your family.

Corbett issued his budget proposal in early March. It cuts $1,000,000,000.00 – one billion dollars – from education alone. That’s right. Every public school in the state and all 18 state-affiliated universities will lose money, because Corbett wants to cut taxes for his billionaire corporate owners. No school is safe. That means that YOUR taxes will go up. Yes, really. YOUR local and school district wage and property taxes will have to increase to make up even a small part of these cuts. And school districts will have to cut even more programs from their curricula and services. Is that what you want?

As usual, state Democrats have rolled over and are playing dead. We need to wake them up.

The state budget is not finished yet. YOU still have a chance to stop these cuts. YOU still have a chance to make a difference. YOU can make the state legislature hear your voice. All you have to do is show up.

No significant social, economic, or political change has ever happened anywhere in the world without some form of protest or demonstration. Once we decide that we want change, we must get our message to the powers that be. Typically, those in power are monumentally oblivious to public opinion. They’re too isolated from real life. So our message must be loud and clear.

This is what democracy looks like!

Please don’t be afraid to participate. Most Americans have a baffling fear of demonstrations. I’ve attended many such events and I enjoy them. It’s the purest form of democracy in action. People are happy. Hugs and smiles abound. It’s an incredible feeling to stand in the middle of a crowd, knowing that, at least on this issue, WE ARE ONE. Everyone should experience a good, well-organized demonstration least once in life.

Spread your wings. Try something new. Take a friend. It’s a great American tradition. History is made by those who show up. Hope to see you there!

Join us at the rally.

WHO: Everyone is welcome

WHAT: Demonstration and Rally against Corbett’s irresponsible, punitive, and fraudulent budget

WHEN: Tuesday, May 3, 1:00 to 2:00 p.m.

WHERE: Steps of Pennsylvania’s Capitol Building, Harrisburg

WHY: Let the Governor and your legislators know that we want a RESPONSIBLE BUDGET.

Visit your legislators’ offices before and after the rally to deliver the message in person.

HOW: Free buses are available. In Pittsburgh, call 412-231-8648. Call soon. Seats are filling fast.

The buses will return to Pittsburgh the same evening.

You can also drive yourself, carpool, or create your own group to rent a bus.

If you don’t live in Pittsburgh, contact any local labor union for information about buses in your area,
or contact the CLEAR Coalition

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world.
Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.
– Margaret Mead –

For more information:

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