Stand in Solidarity with Working People on April 4

By 1968, the legal and political struggles for civil rights had wound down. Martin Luther King turned his attention to the broader issues of human rights and social justice. He went to Memphis to support the city’s sanitation workers in their strike for collective bargaining rights and better working conditions. As usual, King had successfully linked the broad concept, human dignity, with the specific issues – subsistence wages and workplace safety.

On Thursday, April 4, he was murdered, his work left unfinished.  Activists, organizers, and advocates have continued the struggle ever since that day.

Now, America’s working families are under assault like never before. Dozens of elected republithugs are violating the law, flaunting court orders, and ignoring public will to drag us all back to the days of sweatshops and robber barons.

Are you going to let them get away with it?

Monday, April 4 is the 43rd anniversary of Dr. King’s murder. To honor his memory, progressive allies will host a nationwide collection of community events giving all Americans the opportunity to stand with working families, and STAND UP TO the Republithugs and their corporate masters. Local organizations have planned all of the events, and each is different. There will be marches, rallies, religious services, lobbying, demonstrations, teaching, stage performances, and other events.  

If you’ve never attended a demonstration before, don’t worry. I’ve been to many, and they’re great. If you don’t want to go alone, then bring a friend. Or bring your children. Yes, they’re completely safe. Come on, admit it. You’ve always wanted to do this. This is your chance.

Pittsburgh UNITED will host one of Pittsburgh’s events, a downtown rally and march protesting Governor Tom Corbett’s budget proposal to destroy public education in Pennsylvania.

If you live near Pittsburgh, we’ll gather at noon at the EQT Tower, 6th Street and Liberty Avenue, and march to Corbett’s Pittsburgh office at Piatt Place, 301 Fifth Avenue (a distance of about 100 yards). Please join us.

If you live elsewhere, check here to find an event near you, or get help in creating your own event. It can be large or small, public or private. What’s important is the message that we all send on Monday.


For More Information

April 4 Events

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Do Protests and Demonstrations Make a Difference?

Working America

National Archives:  Records of King and Memphis sanitation strike


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