If You Don’t Stand for Something, You’ll Fall for Anything

The universe made this possible.

To paraphrase Ray Kinsella, “Every so often, the universe opens up for just a few moments to show us what’s possible. This is one of those times.”*

As our government eagerly plans its third theatre of military operations in the Libyan no-fly zone . . .

. . . Tens of millions of Americans are still unemployed and still don’t have health care.

. . . Poverty and homelessness are at catastrophic levels.

. . . Members of Congress hold McCarthy-style hearings on Muslims in America.

. . . Americans who claim to worship the Constitution ever-so-much screeeeech about “Sharia Law” and  . . .try to strip Muslims of their First Amendment rights.

And the Republithugs’ attack on the middle class keeps rolling along.

The federal government has spent trillions of dollars on its wars.  Thousands of Americans and countless Iraqi and Afghan civilians are dead. And the Republithugs wage war at home on the middle class, on teachers, on public employees, on women, and on you.

The universe is telling us to stand up for ourselves, to stand up for those who need our help, to say that the wars must stop NOW. We want our money spent on jobs, education, and health care – not war. We will not tolerate racist harassment of Arabs and Muslims.

Marches, rallies, and demonstrations are erupting all over the country.  Millions of Americans are joining their neighbors to support the Wisconsin teachers and other public employees, and to oppose the pointless wars.

If you live in the Pittsburgh area, please join the Thomas Merton Center and 29 other local organizations in a march and rally.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

47th and Butler Streets

Lawrenceville neighborhood

NOON – Rally

1:00 PM – March through Lawrenceville

If you don’t live in or near Pittsburgh, find a rally in your town. Attend. Take a friend.  Take your children. If you’ve never been to a demonstration before, don’t worry. I’ve been to dozens and yes, I did take my son. They really are quite inspiring and completely safe. The purpose of a demonstration is to demonstrate – to show your position on an issue. So, show us what you stand for.

For more information:

* From Field of Dreams, 1989.

Anti-War Committee, Thomas Merton Center

Working America

Do Protests and Demonstrations Make a Difference?

Beware the Politics of Distraction


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